Hair Care

Whether it's just an everyday trim or an extensive transformation you can be confident that the ladies here at the Jagged Edge can fulfill your hair care needs. They will work with you to create that just perfect look for you. And to accomplish this they have nothing but the best for their clients, including a full line of Redken products, superb Featherlocks, and an incredible line of colors that are sure to make a statement.

The Jagged Edge ladies are up to date with current styles and trends and are always working together to better themselves. So if you want to try out some dip dye hair, or have just a pop of color with a peek a boo patch the Jagged Edge is the place to go.

Hand and Foot Care

Are your fingers and toes feeling neglected? Give them what they desire with a ManiPedi. There's nothing like having freshly painted finger nails and matching toes to put a smile on your face. Disappointed because the polish keeps chipping off? Don't worry you're not alone, try out some gel polish you'll be pleased at how long it lasts. If you are in need of a more permanent solution try a set of Acrylic nails, the tough outer shell with protect your natural nails and allow them to grow to amazing lengths.


Getting Married? Not sure how to wear your hair? That's OK you can book an appointment for an Up Do trial, to ensure you get the style you want. Not sure what kind of makeup to use? They've got that covered too, so set your worries aside and check out the Bride and Groom packages designed to pamper those special love birds. Check out the Price Guide for a full list of services and pricing.


You've worked hard all week and it's time to unwind, why not let the stress melt away in our sauna. Since before the days of the ancient Greeks people have been reaping the benefits of saunas. The people of Finland are still milking saunas for their mystical powers and it so much apart of their everyday lives that they sauna before entering swimming pools.

Weather it is a steam or dry heat sauna you can expect to feel the difference in your overall physical condition, and if you look closely you'll see the difference too. So let's sweat and pump out some toxins, open our pours, lesson the tension and breath in the steam. Not quite convinced? Check out the FAQs page and lets see if we can make you a believer.


Waxing is not for everyone, but if you are up for a waxing the Jagged Edge has the formula that's right for you.
Choose from one of our specially formulated and naturally antibacterial products. Click the titles to learn more.

Honey with Vitamin E

This is our all-purpose wax which is combined with a natural pine resin and beeswax, and enriched with Vitamin E. This Honey Wax can be used on all parts of the body and all hair types, and it's a great wax for oily skin types.

Tea Tree Wax

Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus work together as a natural calming extract that go deep into your pores to relax and release hair follicles. Tea Tree wax is ideal for sensitive skin areas such as the underarms, bikini area, facial areas, neck and is great for male body waxing. Tea Tree Wax is best used on medium to coarse hair, and contains titanium dioxide which acts as a buffing agent.

Aloe Vera Wax

Cool and moisturize your skin while reducing irritation with the addition of Aloe Vera. Use our Aloe Vera Wax on your delicate areas, and after tanning to easy the pains associated with waxing. Great for fine to medium hair types and work with all skin types as well.

Deluxe Cream Wax

This vitamin and emollients enriched formula smooth and soften the hair shaft for easier removal. It is an all-purpose wax that works on truly stubborn hair, as it was especially designed for our African American and Latino clients. This all over wax works well on all skin types and is recommended for dehydrated skin.

Zinc Oxide Wax

This specially formulated zinc oxide wax is great for teens or those with thinner skin. It is recommended for facial and more sensitive areas of the body and works well against fine hair.

Calendula Gold Hard Wax

The Calendula flower and Tea Tree plant work together to calm and soothe skin to prevent inflammation. This a great wax for Brazilian waxing and to remove thick, coarse, curly hair.

Spray Tanning

Ready for that sun kissed look, but don't want to bake out in the sun? Then let us indulge you with our Norvell sunless spray tans. They are great for any skin type and yield a great natural looking tan without the effects of the suns rays.

The Norvell spray tan will give you more than glowing skin. Their creators went all out by adding skin firming agents and antioxidants to help reveres daily skin damage. You'll be pleased with fast drying, nonstick, streak-free formula that won't leave you feeling 'orange'.

Click Here to see some tips to a perfect experience.

24-48 hours prior to service

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Just like with a good painting the canvas needs to be prepped. You'll want to grab a pH balancing exfoliating scrub, such as Amber Sun Body Scrub (sold at The Jagged Edge), and avoid using bars soaps, and showers moisturizers that may clog your pours and inhibit the bronzing reaction with your skin. It is also best to have waxing and shaving completed 24 hours before your spray tan session.

Day of Service

Beware the Barriers! Lotions, perfumes, moisturizers, and deodorants are not our friends on tanning day. They will create a barrier between the skin and the spray, which in turn leaves unsightly blotches. You'll also want to remove any jewelry prior to your visit and for a couple hours after so they don't cause any unwanted bare spots. Loose fitting clothes are a must the day of your visit, and note some color may rub off so dark colored clothes would be best.

After Service Care

Ask about the Jagged Edge's maintenance kit to ensure your tan stays looking fantastic.

Facials and Body Treatments

Rejuvenation, revitalizing, detoxifying, are just some of the perks to maintaining your skin. The Jagged Edge offers several packages to help your skin stay in a peak condition. From an express 30 minute facial cleansing to a full body detoxifying treatment, we are sure to have exactly what your skin needs. Check out the Price Guide for a full list of services.